Monday, August 8, 2011

lucien willingham - paintings and found images


Still Life With China Coffee-Cup. 

 (siberian acrylic paint on bangladeshi canvas)

Still Life With Black Dots. 

(siberian acrylic paint on bangladeshi canvas 
stretched over a javanese pine frame) 

Man In Red Jacket Peeking Out The Window
aka Dancing On The Edge Of Eternity

regular acrlyic paint on regular canvas 

 found images: some retitled

Espresso Coffee Machine 1856 Port Said. 

It Takes A Train To Moan By Chance.

West Of The Wall 1962.

Nude With Banjo

 The Great Sacred Ritual Of The 
St Kilda Bodgies & Widgies

Marion Morehouse, by ee cummings, 1933, 
oil on canvas board


 Noise Number 1, by ee cummings, 1919, oil on canvas

Crayon on paper, by jack kerouac, 1953

images for the ee cummings paintings sourced here: 

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