Thursday, January 19, 2012



correspondence between me n richard krech

Hugh was a friend of richard krech both posted earlier in this blog.
I posted up richard, and followed with Melbourne poets
dave Ellison and david Shepherd. Then I posted another piece made up
of some email correspondence between richard and me. I  have removed it.
he was very gracious about it. 

here's a poem by his longtime friend hugh fox (deceased)



Sometimes, wandering around in Chicago,
Brooklyn, Detroit, Gary, L.A., Lansing, I wonder if
the Civil War and the freeing of the slaves
ever happened, my cousins in Chicago telling
me “Don’t go to the south side where you used
to live,’ll be a deadman fast, man...,”
OK, and then I come into class and if I close my
eyes I can’t tell the difference between blacks
and whites, the accent-jargon gone, future and
past surrounding me like time-travel on a daily
basis depending on big WHERES and HOWS.

Hugh Fox

posted earlier in this blog

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